2 books, 2 scholars – Tuesday 5 November, 2013, 12:30-1:30 – Associate Professor Jeff Sissons, Laura Atiga

 An interdisciplinary seminar on items from the Library’s Special Collections, and their use.  All welcome.  J.C. Beaglehole Room – RB404.

We have a Pacific illustrations themed seminar for you this time.

Illustration from 'A Missionary Voyage...' (1799)

 Select bibliography of Pacific illustrations and maps
Laura Atiga, Honours student, Va’aomanu Pasifika

Laura Atiga

Laura Atiga is a BA Hons Pacific Studies student who completed her 428 Internship at the J. C. Beaglehole Room. In this seminar she will be discussing her internship experiences alongside 120+ Pacific related items held by the J.C.Beaglehole Room from the 18th and 19th centuries. Using  maps, illustrations and photographs, she will shed light on some of the intriguing and forgotten moments of the Pacific’s visual history.


Illustrations for the Polynesian Iconoclasm
Jeff Sissons, Associate Professor, School of Social and Cultural Studies

Jeff Sissons

The Polynesian Iconoclasm, described by Jeff Sissons in his forthcoming book, was an explosive event that occurred in the early nineteenth century. Within the space of little more than ten years, all of the temples and most of the god-images in Tahiti, Hawaii and fifteen other closely-related societies were destroyed or desecrated.

In the aftermath of the iconoclasm, hundreds of architecturally innovative churches (one the size of two football fields) were constructed. At the same time, oppressive laws and courts were introduced, these resisted through seasonal displays of revelry. This talk will discuss fifteen engravings used in his book, these copied from nineteenth century books held in the J C Beaglehole Room.

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