The Library Leadership Team

The Library Leadership Team guides the strategic decisions that govern the Library.

A message from the University Librarian

Victoria University Library provides access to a wealth of knowledge-- through our physical collections, via electronic access and through a network of other libraries. As learning, teaching and research needs continue to evolve and change so too does the world of information. Library staff and services are here to help Victoria's staff and students make the most of this world. A great place to start is our website as it provides details on what services and facilities are available to you.

Library Services will continue to evolve in order to meet both University and individual needs. This evolution takes place in the context of a dynamic scholarly communication environment, influenced by new and emerging technologies. Library News will keep you up-to-date with these developments and we will also keep you informed through formal and informal communication channels across the University.

With best wishes for your research, teaching or study.

Janet Fletcher, University Librarian.

The Team

Janet Fletcher

Janet Fletcher

University Librarian
Trish Wilson

Trish Wilson

Associate Director, Library Academic and Research Services

Robyn Emett

Associate Director, Library Client Services and Collections
Melissa Taylor

Melissa Taylor

Manager, Planning and Quality

Susan Cayless

Manager, Business Services