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The Library has been a United Nations Depository Library since 1975. As a full depository the Library receives copies of all documents produced by the principal organs of the United Nations: the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Security Council, the Secretariat, and the Trusteeship Council. The Library also receives copies of United Nations 'sales publications' — more substantial monographs and reports produced by the United Nations or its agencies.

United Nations Depository

The United Nations Depository Library has moved to Level 3 of the Law Library. The location of material is as follows:

To retrieve material located in the UN Room, or if you have a reference enquiry, please contact the Law Library Subject Librarians.

United Nations material is available online at This is the catalogue of the United Nations Library in New York, and most documents released after 1992 are available on it.

United Nations statistical material may be viewed at

Treaties deposited with the UN Secretary General may be searched at