Talis Aspire for Students

Victoria is introducing a new tool, Talis Aspire, to develop and manage course material reading lists.

What's happening?

Victoria has introduced Talis Aspire to develop course material reading lists.

We launched Talis Aspire in Trimester 3 2015.

What's changing?

You can easily access the lists and material through Blackboard using any type of device. You can also keep track of what you read, what you intend to read and add notes to course content..

Course reading material are available through Talis Aspire free online by continuing to access Blackboard. You will still need to pay for printed course packs, if you need them for your course.

Your reading lists can include book chapters, journals, websites, blog posts, podcasts and video. Academics can also add notes providing guidance on the readings.

Reading lists are flexible and can be built and updated as the course progresses, giving you the latest information on course content.

How do I use it?

  1. Click on the reading list item in Blackboard.
  2. Select the item on the reading list and if it’s available click the blue online resource button on the right hand side to go directly to the resource.
  3. ‘Where there is no online resource button, click on the item title to see a digitised copy, Library availability and/or Vicbooks purchase information.
  4. If you log in to the system you will be able to view digitised content, add reading intentions and notes for yourself, and add your profile information.

If you have any questions, please contact your lecturer or class rep.