Developing course reading lists (Talis Aspire)

Talis Aspire is an online tool for creating and managing course reading lists.

About Talis Aspire

Talis Aspire easily creates course reading lists to provide students with access to course readings and manages copyright compliance and reporting for Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) purposes. It is used by 90 universities globally and has recently been adopted by other New Zealand universities.

All courses need to use Talis Aspire to create and manage course reading lists so that we meet copyright reporting requirements.

Talis Aspire allows any staff member with access to set up a course reading list. This can include links to online materials, electronic journals and database articles from the Library’s subscriptions and digitised materials (such as book chapters). The reading list can be broken into sections and added to Blackboard, and can also include notes to students on the readings. Digitised material will be available a week before the start of each trimester.



Students will access the list through Blackboard and material can be easily accessed using different devices.

Reduced costs

Reading material for students will be available through Talis Aspire at a reduced cost (as it will be available at no cost online).

Adding different media

Academics can add any type of resource to a reading list, including book chapters, journals, websites, blog posts, podcasts and video. Academics are able to add notes providing guidance on the readings. Reading lists are flexible and can be built and updated as the course progresses, giving students the latest information on course content.

Statistics on reading material

Academics can get statistics on the number of students accessing the reading list and providing feedback on each reading.

Copyright compliance

All material on the Talis Aspire reading lists will be automatically checked for copyright compliance. Schools will not need to submit a manual copyright survey again.

Linking with the Library

Working with the Library is more streamlined to ensure the resources needed for teaching are available.