Disability support

If you have any difficulties with using the library, or require specific assistance due to your impairment, please let us know. Our libraries have services and resources to support you.

Rankine Brown (Kelburn Library) lifts unavailable

The lifts in the Kelburn Library will be unavailable for some time. For full details about access and retrieval services see Kelburn Library accessibility.

Access to the Library

Through an arrangement between you, Disability Services and the Library, you can have your ID card programmed to identify any ongoing needs you may have. This page details specific Library-related access support services. Many other services are available through Disability Services at Victoria.

The accessible route to the Kelburn Library is through the main entrances on levels 1 or 2. For more information, and if you require assistance, please contact the Library's Disability Support liaison.


Students holding an Equity in Action card will get priority access to lifts. To obtain an Equity in Action card you must contact Disability Services.


Accessible toilets are located in the Kelburn Library on levels 1 and 3; in the student common room adjacent to the Law Library; and on the ground floors of the Architecture and Design Campus (Vivian Street) and Commerce (Rutherford House).


Accessible carparks are available by Cotton Building and behind Rankine Brown (the Kelburn Library), at the Architecture and Design Library, and at the Law Library. A mobility parking permit can be obtained and bookings made via Disability Services.

Library orientation tours and instruction

Each of the University's libraries offers orientation tours to familiarise users with the library, which are advertised on the Library website. If you have any disability related needs that we need to be aware of when providing a tour, or if you require an individual tour or instruction, please contact library@vuw.ac.nz.

Adaptive technology

A range of adaptive technology is provided in rest and study rooms within the libraries for use by students with impairments, (such as CCTVs for magnification, Openbook for converting text to speech, and ITS workstations with ergonomic peripherals).

Rest and study rooms

Access Suite at Kelburn

The Access Suite at Kelburn is designed specifically for students with impairments. The Access Suite has spaces equipped with beds and a desk for quiet study and rest. It also has study tables, a photocopier, student computing workstations, ergonomic furniture and equipment, and adaptive technology.

To gain access to this room you must register with Disability Services.

Commerce Library

The Commerce Library has an Access Suite on the ground of Rutherford House, with adaptive technology and space for quiet study and rest.

There are many rooms to study in at Pipitea Campus. Mahi Nga Tahi is located on level 1 of the Railway Building. It has a rest room, study space with ergonomic tables and chairs and Dragon's Lair (a room with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice-recognition software).

If access is needed to the study room and/or Dragon's Lair, it is arranged by registering with Disability Services.

Law Library

The Law Library has a study space available to students with impairments, GB 135. This room contains Student Computing workstations with ergonomic furniture and equipment. It is open to all students but those with Equity in Action cards have priority.

Architecture and Design Library

The Architecture and Design Library has 2 bookable study rooms and comfortable furniture in the green zone, although no spaces are specifically designated for students with impairments.

Additional Services

The following services must be arranged through Disability Services. Please contact a Disability and Inclusion Adviser if you require access to any of these services.

Alternative Format Books

A Disability and Inclusion Adviser can help you arrange alternative format items if items in the Library's collections present you with accessibility issues.

Computer Services

Student Computing workstations are available in all libraries. These are provided by ITS. If you require adaptive technology or ergonomic peripherals for use with computers, please contact Disability Services.

Ergonomic Furniture

Disability Services provide a range of ergonomic furniture, including high back chairs, which can be used in the Library.

Extended Loans

With a supporting letter from a Disability and Inclusion Adviser informing us that you require extended time with books due to your impairment, extended loan periods can be arranged.

'Fetch and Carry' library item retrieval

By prior arrangement library resources can be retrieved for you when you are unable to do this due to your impairment.