Interloan Service

This service is available to all current staff and students of Victoria University of Wellington for your private research, study, and teaching only. In many cases your Interloans will be supplied to you free of charge.

Interloan System Upgrade

We will be upgrading the Interloan system in the next couple of months. This will include several improvements such as a more streamlined requesting process, renewal requests and better tracking of your interloans.
More information will be available soon.

Interloan Renewals

Would you like to request a renewal for your Interloan?

Please email or phone (04) 563 5693.

Making an Interloan Request

If you are an Alumni Member please email with your request details.
Alumni charges are $15 for a standard Interloan request and $35 for an urgent request.

For all other users:

Check Te Waharoa to make sure the Library doesn't own the item. Use this service only if your item cannot be found in Te Waharoa.

  1. To place an Interloan Request please login here with your victoria username and password.
  2. Search for the item that you want.
  3. Choose Get it to place a request. The details of your request will automatically fill the request form.
  4. To Interloan a book chapter or journal article, fill in the part details.
  5. For books, select your pick-up location. If you are a Distance student select the 'Distance' pick-up location and the book will be posted to you.
  6. If you did not find what you are looking for, choose create request and fill in a blank request form.
  7. You can track your request by selecting My Requests.

By submitting this request you agree to use copies of material received through Interloan for private study/research only. Usage is governed by the Copyright Act 1994.

Interloan Help

For more detailed instruction on how to navigate the Interloan system, please see our guides to Interloans:

The status of your request will change over time, from when it is received by the supplying library to the time when it is available for you to collect. A description of the statuses and what they mean can be found in the guide to interloans. 

Standard interloans obtained within New Zealand usually arrive in 8–10 working days.

Urgent interloans (New Zealand only) usually arrive in 24–48 hours, weekends excluded.

Overseas interloans arrive in approximately 2–8 weeks depending on the location from where the item is being sent.

Further Interloan Information

Interloan Charges

There are no charges for standard (non-urgent) interloans sourced from within New Zealand.

Urgent Interloans have a charge of $20. Only New Zealand sourced items can be requested urgently. 

Interloan charges (but not overdue fines) can be billed to a departmental account or research grant; please specify the account number when you submit your request.

Fines for Interloans

Overdue Interloans are charged at 20c per day, or $2 per day if they have been recalled. Lost interloan items are charged at $100 per item.
You can pay fines with Eftpos at Library Service points, or online using your credit card.

Feedback and Enquiries

Please email or call (04) 463 5693 if you have any questions or feedback about the interloan service.

If you are another Library wishing to make a request, please see Interloan Information for Requesting Libraries.