Submit your Thesis

Congratulations on completing your thesis! Theses which have been accepted for the award of a PhD. or Master’s degree are held as part of the Library’s collection. If you are about to graduate, you must supply one print and one digital copy of the final version of your thesis.


While the Kelburn Library is temporarily closed after the recent earthquake, students can deposit their thesis at Architecture & Design Library in Vivian Street.

Format Guidelines

We have guidelines that set out the formats for research theses. However, if you include written approval from your Head of School for a non-standard format, the Library will be happy to accept it.

Where will my thesis be kept?

The print copy of your thesis will be catalogued and made available in the Library, regardless of which option you choose for the digital copy.

You will need to complete a permission form and select where you will deposit the digital copy. You have the following options:

•    Deposit into the open ResearchArchive: If you choose this option, the digital copy of your thesis will be permanently held in the open ResearchArchive. We recommend this option, so your research can be easily discovered and widely read.
•    Deposit into the RestrictedArchive for two years: If you choose this option, the digital copy of your thesis will be held in the RestrictedArchive for two years before being moved to the open ResearchArchive.
•    Deposit into the RestrictedArchive permanently: If you choose this option, the digital copy of your thesis will be permanently held in the RestrictedArchive.

ResearchArchive is open to the public, and anyone who is interested may access, read, and download material. The contents of ResearchArchive are regularly harvested and indexed by KRIS, Google Scholar, and Digital New Zealand, among other services.

RestrictedArchive is only accessible to members of the Victoria University community, and requires a Victoria username and password. Material in RestrictedArchive is not indexed by external search engines, but is listed in Te Waharoa.

If you don’t wish to have your thesis accessible by anyone, you must apply for permission from the Faculty of Graduate Research.

Download permission form for deposit into open ResearchArchive    93.76 KB
Download permission form for two-year deposit into RestrictedArchive    93.42 KB
Download permission form for permanent deposit into RestrictedArchive    94.39 KB

For more information, contact the Discovery Systems Team.
Phone: 04 463 6184


When depositing your thesis we ask if you have used any third party content. All quotations should be attributed to the source of the quotation with a proper citation that is the standard in your discipline. Other third party content such as maps, images, and so on should also be attributed.

When you are a university student you can often make use of third party content without getting the permission of the author or creator of that content. You can do this because copyright laws permit research uses of third party content in some circumstances. However, when you are no longer a student you may not be able to use that third party content outside of the university setting without the permission of the author or creator. Availability of your thesis in ResearchArchive is a potential example of where permission might be needed.

In the permission forms we ask you this question about third party content so that both you and the University can be protected from allegations of copyright infringement.

How do I submit my thesis?

You must supply one print and one digital copy of the final version of your thesis. You can bring these in person to:

Discovery Systems Team
Level 7, The Library (Rankine Brown Building) 
Victoria University of Wellington
1 Kelburn Parade

Your thesis may be deposited in the Library between 8:30am and 5:00pm.
Outside this time, you may deliver your thesis to Victoria Info Ihonui. It will be processed by the Metadata Librarians and a thesis deposit receipt will be issued to you by email. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at or by phone at 04 463 6184.

Alternatively, you may post them to:

Discovery Systems Team
Victoria University of Wellington Library
PO Box 3438
Wellington 6012
New Zealand


Your digital copy can be submitted online at

Follow the guide for submitting your thesis found at


During the submission process, the Discovery Systems Team does the following:
•    Check for pre-supplied paperwork or ask you to complete new permission forms, ensuring they are correct;
•    Check for both print and digital versions of your thesis;
•    Load the digital version to a computer and perform a brief check to ensure it matches the print version;
•    Ask you to provide keywords to aid in discovery (if you haven’t already) as well as select the relevant Marsden Fund Research Codes for your research;
•    Congratulate you (and take a photo of you, if you like)!

After your thesis is accepted, we will email a receipt to you, your supervisor, and your school administrator.

For Alumni

If you completed a thesis at Victoria in the past, and are willing to allow us to digitise it and make it available to the public through ResearchArchive, please download and fill out the form below and send it to Michael Parry, Digital Initiatives Coordinator at:

Alternatively, you may post it to:
Digital Initiatives Coordinator
Victoria University of Wellington Library
1 Kelburn Parade
PO Box 3438
Wellington 6012
New Zealand

Download permission form for alumni    91.96 KB

General information

•    A thesis is defined as a research output carrying a value of 90 points or more which is submitted for external examination.
•    The Faculty of Graduate Research also has information about Availability of Your Thesis and Intellectual Property.
•    Copyright Guidelines for Research Students by Tony Millett is also a useful resource.
•    Copyright for the ResearchArchive