You can now request published items via the catalogue

Kia ora

Recently we implemented a new way of requesting material from the published collections in the J.C.Beaglehole Room which we hope will make things easier for those of you on the Victoria University network.  It works like this:

Having searched the catalogue, found what you are looking for and established that it is held in the J.C.Beaglehole Room*, you can click on the Requests link at the right hand side of the screen.  You will then need to log in, after which you can select “Storage and JCBR Requests”.

The form should appear with all the relevant copy information pre-loaded.  By logging in, your contact information is recorded as well.  All you need to do is change the pick-up location to J.C.Beaglehole Room Desk and submit the request.  Once we’ve brought the item out for you, you should get an e-mail notification that it is available.

*The J.C.Beaglehole Room copy remains the copy of last resort within the Victoria University Library system, so if another available copy is identified, we will direct you to that in the first instance.

For those who need to consult uniquely held material but are not able to log in to the Victoria University network, provided you are in a position to visit us during our opening hours (Monday-Friday 10:00 – 4:30), you can fill in our online request form, allowing us to have the item ready for you by the next day.

We hope this system will make the process of requesting our published material more convenient to you.


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