Papers of Professor Peter Munz

I’m very pleased to announce that the papers of the late Professor Peter Munz have now been processed and are available for consultation.  Professor Munz taught at here at Victoria for forty years from the mid 1940s, and continued his research and his association with this university as an Emeritus Professor until his death in 2006.

He had the great good luck to study under both Karl Popper (at the University of Canterbury) and Ludwig Wittgenstein (at Oxford University), both giants of 20th century philosophy.  He himself built an impressive international reputation over the years. 

As a teacher, he was much admired by students for his ability to deliver fascinating lectures without the aid of notes.  He taught mostly early modern European history, but his research interests spanned history and philosophy, east and west, old and new.

His papers are mostly in English, but there are plenty in German or Italian, and some in Latin and Greek, and represent a fascinating insight into his thinking.


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