Out of the shadows…


After existing in the ether for a year or so while waiting to iron out some technical difficulties, the J.C.Beaglehole Room blog is now able to come out into the open.  If you haven’t come across us before, you can find out a bit more about us here and on our web page.

We’ll be aiming to post every couple of weeks or so on exciting discoveries from our collections, new acquisitions and upcoming events.

If you look at our archive , you will notice that we seem to have been posting since 2004.  Last year, while waiting for the all clear, we took the opportunity to populate the blog with information about past Three books, three scholars seminars, which we had not been able to incorporate in the new web architecture introduced in 2009.  Three books, three scholars continues, although less frequently than before.

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All the best
Sue Hirst
Special Collections Librarian

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